A brand new documentary about the history of Fleetwood Mac will be on TV this Christmas

Iconic tunes, countless fights, 100 million records sold worldwide, broken relationships, different lineups, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, bandmates suing each other, separations, drugs, reunions, deaths, endless awards, band members going AWOL, 17 studio albums, and an upcoming tour that includes a date in Dublin.

If any band are worth of an extensive documentary, it’s Fleetwood Mac and if you’re a fan of the band, you’ll want to clear some space over the Christmas season because the BBC is set to broadcast the definitive story of the rock icons.

As part of their Christmas lineup, the BBC has announced that Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History will air on BBC Four and it’s going to celebrate the history of the iconic band.

Truth be told, there’s enough drama in the story of Fleetwood Mac to warrant a 10-hour documentary series, but with the band set to tour in 2019 – including a date at the RDS on 13 June – now is the perfect time to go get your own way when it comes to control of the remote this Christmas.

At present, the BBC hasn’t confirmed the date that the documentary is going to air but believe us when we say, it’s not rumours, this is happening.

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