Big Bucks For Long Island Airbnb Renters In 2019

By Alex Costello

Source: Patch

Over just 15 days in 2019, Airbnb hosts on Long Island had more than 35,000 guests stay at their properties and earned more than $25 million, according to data recently released by Airbnb.

All of those guests and revenue came during five three-day weekends, according to Airbnb: the July 4 weekend and then most weekends in August.

“As we dive into this new year, we are especially proud of the important role that our hosts have played in creating additional accommodations supply during the Island’s top travel weekends while leveraging this demand to earn supplemental income,” said said Josh Meltzer, head of Northeast Public Policy for Airbnb, in a statement.” We hope that these insights will help local New Yorkers who are looking to open up their home as a short-term rental in identifying some of the best times of the year to do so.”

According to Airbnb, the Long Island hosts had 35,600 guests at their properties and earned $25.8 million. That money all came at certain high-travel times: July 5-7, Aug. 9-11, Aug. 16-18, Aug. 23-25 and Aug. 30-Sept. 1.

Suffolk County also saw many more guests than Nassau in 2019. In total, Nassau renters had 32,000 guests and made $6.9 million. But in Suffolk, renters had 142,700 guests and made $51.3 million over the course of 2019.

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