Genesis Announce 2020 Reunion Tour

By Tom Breiham

Source: StereoGum

Yesterday, we learned that Genesis, the massively successful UK band who haven’t performed together since 2007, would once again reunite for a tour. Today, we get confirmation, and we also get details. The trio of Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks will get back together later for this year for the Last Domino? tour, which will take them to 10 cities in the UK and Ireland later this year.

This is not, of course, the Peter Gabriel-fronted version of Genesis that made some of the most beloved prog records of the ’70s. Instead, it’s the much more pop-leaning and much more commercially successful lineup of the band, which thrived on the charts from the late ’70s to the early ’90s. (It would be cool if Peter Gabriel came out for some of those shows, but don’t hold your breath.) Genesis have been teasing this reunion for a little while now. Collins performed with Rutherford during his 2019 tour, and all three members went to a Knicks game together earlier this year.

According to Rolling Stone, this touring version of Genesis will feature Collins, Rutherford, and Banks, alongside longtime touring bassist Daryl Stuermer and, on drums, Phil Collins’ son Nic. (Rock stars love putting their sons in the reunited versions of their old bands.) Phil Collins, who started out as Genesis’ drummer before moving to vocals after Peter Gabriel’s departure in 1975, can no longer play drums because of nerve damage in his hands.

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