Madonna Might Have Just Accidentally Revealed Her New Album’s Tracklist

By Jordan Miller
Source: Breathe Heavy

Generous queen! Madonna posted a story to Instagram and it included what appears to be a list of song titles – the story was pulled sooner than its 24-hour expiration date.

Fans quickly began to surmise said songs are the new tunes featured on the Rebel Heart followup.

What do we think we know?

There are 16 song titles on the list, and eagle-eyed followers started piecing together the words. Some of the supposed titles include “Killers,” “Medellín” (rumored to feature Maluma – it’s the city where he was born), “Crazy” as well as “Loca,” and “Back That Up.”

Madonna’s new album is shrouded in mystery. There’s chatter she wants to infuse Portuguese and African rhythms with pop. Or it could just be a rap album… who knows.

One thing’s for sure: Madonna is bored of the “formulaic” music scene and is about to shake things up!

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