The Long Island Science Center Reopens

Visitors to the new Long Island Science Center in Riverhead may walk into an unassuming storefront, but once inside they face off with a shark who swims up to their underwater cage, send a dinosaur running through a prehistoric landscape and fly a precursor to the modern helicopter invented by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Long Island Science Center reopened in Riverhead in January with completely new, interactive, tech-related activities, including augmented and virtual reality, says executive director Cailin Kaller. “The Long Island Science Center was in Riverhead for a very long time. Three years ago, we sold the building in Riverhead and moved temporarily to Rocky Point,” Kaller says. The museum board found that Riverhead was a better location for the center and moved back, she says.

“It’s a small rental building that we’re in right now. It’s only about 3,000 square feet,” Kaller says. The center is seeking a larger space in Riverhead to move to long term in the next couple of years.