Vintage Long Island homes have a timeless appeal

By Arlene Gross

Source: Newsday

Living in an 18th- or 19th-century vintage home can give you a sense of time standing still.

Homes that are  hundreds of years old have charm and character you don’t easily find in today’s modern dwellings, notes Jane Spalholz, who’s lived in a home in Huntington that dates back to 1700 for nearly 18 years.

“I love the way these old homes are built: They’re built to last,” says Spalholz, 67, a retired real estate agent. “And, they’re not cookie cutters. They’re not boring, There’s a feeling that you get when you come in. It’s very homey and cozy.”

Despite her abiding adoration of antique homes, renovation proved quite a challenge, Spalholz says.

“This house needed just about everything — and we have done just about everything,” she says of the foundation work, floor leveling, uncovering and repairing a brick wall and redoing the kitchen and bathrooms.

Working closely with the local historical society, Spalholz says, “We did a lot without disturbing the architectural integrity.”

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