Vinyl record nights at Long Island breweries

By David J. Criblez

Source: Newsday

Everything old is new again — Long Island craft breweries are inviting patrons to bring in their records to spin while they sip beer and socialize.


Patrick Brodarick, 29, of Riverhead brings in a tote bag full of vinyl every week for vinyl night at Long Ireland Beer Company in Riverhead. His selection ranges from Blodwyn Pig’s “Ahead Rings Out” from 1969 to Thank You Scientist’s “Maps of Non-Existent Places” from 2014.

“Generally, I play it by ear depending on what I want to listen to or what I think other people at the bar would like to hear,” Brodarick says. Despite growing up in the age of digital downloads, vinyl is his preferred medium for music.

“I enjoy the ritual of a record — taking it out of the sleeve, looking at the album art, putting it on the turntable. There’s something that adds to the experience of listening to music,” he says. “You get more of a rich sound from vinyl especially from the older records because it’s how they were originally pressed. Plus, hearing the crackle when the needle hits the vinyl adds a little bit of magic to it.”

Each person gets a turn at the turntable to play DJ.

“Sometimes people throw on a side of an album while others put on a track or two then switch it up,” says Greg Martin, the brewery’s co-owner. “We’ve played everything from heavy metal to stand-up comedy to blues and everything in between.”

At Long Ireland, vinyl is not only played, but sold. The company has partnered with nearby retailer Sunday Records, which supplies crates of albums for people to browse and potentially buy.

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