Why this Long Islander decided to leave New York and live out of a van

By Kimberly Yuen

Source: Newsday

When Joseph Ephraim realized he wasn’t happy with his life on Long Island, he decided to try downsizing.

A lot.

He went from a 2,800-square-foot house in Farmingdale with four bedrooms and three bathrooms to a 60-square-foot white 2000 Ford E350 cargo van with a portable toilet. He went from “garages full of stuff” to five T-shirts, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, some socks and undergarments. He went from working in health care IT for 17 years — and rehabbing and flipping rentals on the side — to working gigs on Craigslist.

“You’re literally waking up so you can go to a job that you don’t like, to make payments on things that you bought to make yourself happy,” he said.

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